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Boijmans (2), Rotterdam

Restoration of the museum tower and various spatial modifications

Our collaboration with Walraad architects and the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum continued in 2011, when we jointly supervised the restoration of the tower and various adaptations involving state-of-the-art security and technology. Like our 2009 renovation of the Bodon/Robbrecht & Daem wing, this work was as inconspicuous as possible. The building was renovated structurally and aesthetically and fitted with new technology and burglar-proofing, all while respecting van der Steur's well-conceived spatial design and aesthetic detailing. After all, he was the architect responsible for creating the museum’s timeless quality in 1935.

See Boijmans van Beuningen Museum (1)

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The brief entailed:

* Restoring the museum tower. This consisted of separating the climates in the museum and tower so as to prevent condensation and moisture damage to the outer brick walls. The masonry, copper-work and steelwork were restored, and the lantern was reglazed. The tower's historic rooms were also renovated.

* Installing a modern control room in the former education centre and depository on the right-hand side of the gate on the street side. The advantage of this new location is that it is in direct contact both with the museum and with the street.

* Installing new, concealed safety features in the museum rooms.

* Preventing leaks and flooding by rerouting rainwater drainage as inconspicuously as possible. Originally it ran through the museum.

* Restoring defective windows.

Project information


Ontwikkelbedrijf Rotterdam


Museumpark 18-20, Rotterdam



completed at

Aannemersbedrijf H.J. Jurriёns bv, Delft (toren`) e.a.

photography by

Janners Linders